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A built-for-Instagram apartment rents for $15,000

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It’s pink, it’s pretty and it’s designed specifically for you to take the perfect Instagram shot.

The latter is, these days, an important requirement for some young renters and social media stars. That’s why a New York marketing firm opened a 2,400-square-foot space specifically tailored to Instagram stars, according to The New York Times.

This means, above all, a perfectly stylized and curated home in New York’s trendy SoHo district — pink and gold wallpaper, a marble kitchen, a rooftop deck overlooking Manhattan and big windows letting in plenty of natural light. At $15,000 a month, the space is built for Instagram influencers (users with large followers who get paid to promote products on the platform) who need to take lifestyle photos of a glamorous life but live in small apartments.

“People get up and go to ABC Home the second the doors open to shoot — they do anything,” Village Marketing founder Vickie Segar, who came up with the idea of such an apartment, told The New York Times. “Spaces like this are gold for them, because then they’re able to have a place that’s a home to shoot lifestyle home moments in.”

In this way, the space is tailored not for living but specifically for creating an Instagram image of a stylish life. Online furniture company Wayfair designed the pink-and-gold bedroom with a “the future is female” poster, the living room with perfectly-arranged books and velvet sofa, and the bathroom with modern tiles and plenty of potted plants.

Since August, Village Marketing has been inviting social media stars to come and take photos of the apartment and promote it through their accounts — over the last few weeks, they have brought in hundreds of thousands of likes and shares.

Rooms are made to create perfect photography shots (two influencers already used the bedroom to stage a pillow fight) — chairs have low backs to avoid unwanted glare while the pillows and sheets are steamed by Village Marketing before photo shoots.

But while the apartment is booked through October by various Instagram stars, it is also designed with brands who need a space to shoot advertisements in mind. With time, Village Marketing will start charging brands who want to use the space to shoot these ads so that it can stay free for those who want to promote it through shots.

“If you shoot in a traditional photography studio, it almost looks too good for social,” said Marianna Hewitt, an Instagram influencer who regularly promoted beauty brands and has over 800,000 followers. “We don’t want to shoot at our house every single day or the same streets we post on all the time.”

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